Debt Recovery

Making your cash flow smoothly

In an ideal world no business would ever have to deal with late payments. In the real world you almost certainly will.

Cash-flow management is a vital element of running a successful business and regular studies generally indicate that that the majority of businesses make late payments to their suppliers.

Prophet works closely with clients who need to recover outstanding money in a professional and transparent manner. Our processes are geared to demonstrating adherence to all regulatory requirements and protecting our clients brand at all stages.

Secure online case management

Our bespoke case management system is focused on clarity and ease of use.

A strong team

  • A specialist team focusing on amicable debt recovery
  • 24/7 online visibility on all cases, past and present
  • Access to Solicitors with considerable expertise in commercial law, dispute resolution and litigation

Main Service Areas

Commercial debt recovery

Our experienced and knowledgeable team utilises the most effective solutions to recover monies, whether that is through pre-legal lettering and calling, issue of Court proceedings, obtaining Judgment and subsequent enforcement action, or by the issue of Bankruptcy proceedings or Winding Up petitions.

We do not engage in the collection of consumer related debts.

Enforcement, process serving and tracing

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Terms and conditions review

We specialise in advising clients on the efficacy of their existing terms and conditions of business, and provide support in drafting amended terms to reflect current legislation and business requirements .

Possession orders

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Judgement enforcing

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Dispute resolution

The dispute resolution team handles disputed and non-standard cases.

Our Solicitors have the specialist knowledge to handle the diverse type of cases we are instructed on which are various in type but often linked to commercial disputes and breach of contract.

The objective of our dispute resolution team is to bring cases to a satisfactory conclusion quickly and at the minimum cost possible to our clients.

International debts

International debts are handled on a case by case basis by a small number of selected partners with international capability.

I have no hesitation recommending debt recovery services from Prophet. The online system enables me to instantly view the status of any case and to produce bespoke reports. We also credit insure our debts and the seamless service from debt recovery matter to insurance claim is a unique advantage of working with the team at Prophet.

Pete Newman, Financial Controller,
Belgrade Insulations Limited